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Updated: Mar 14, 2023


The packaging sector has what may be the biggest opportunity for digital printing, which has shown significant growth across all printing segments. According to estimates, digital printing now accounts for about 20% of the label and narrow web industry, making significant inroads into these industries. The next significant packaging industry for digital printing likely to be corrugated printing. Digital accounts for only a small portion of the estimated $250 billion global corrugated market. Leading manufacturers of inkjet equipment, including as EFI, HP, Canon, and FUJIFILM, have already seized a portion of the market, and packaging printers are introducing new digital printers.

According to leaders in the digital printing sector, their technologies are excellent for printing on corrugated market, and there will be more chances in the years to come.

Benefits of digital printing for corrugated:

There are various well-known benefits of digital printing.

1. Printing small runs more effectively enables brand owners to provide regional or limited-edition packages.

2. Additionally, boxes can be customised as needed.

3. There isn't a set-up period.

4. The use of just-in-time printing to reduce inventory reduces overages and storage space.

5. On shorter runs, digital printing undoubtedly provides tremendous value.

6. As well as high-quality litho printing, digital printing is capable of producing brilliant, powerful colors. The market efficiency is accelerated by all of these aspects.

7. Digital printing has altered how companies approach new product releases.

8. Using EFI Nozomi single-pass digital solutions for packaging businesses to optimise the efficiency of their equipment overall has considerable benefits (OEE).

9. If you are creating prototypes that are being assessed by companies and necessitate frequent design adjustments, this can be quite advantageous. These design iterations may now be completed much more quickly.

10. Another benefit is that a printer may "run to order" utilising digital technology rather than the lengthy "run to warehouse" process that requires conventional print.

Digital corrugated printing products and markets:

While brown boxes are what most people often think of when they think of corrugated packaging, there are other significant sectors, starting with display signage.

The Nozomi printers are owned by corrugated packaging converters who also regularly employ the printer for POP display graphics. Additionally, a number of enterprises that are not explicitly involved in the packaging industry, such as those that own Nozomi printers, use them to create high-quality displays.

Display graphics printers adding a Nozomi printer started to win new possibilities to make e-commerce subscription boxes, and brown box packaging converters adding the printer started winning new opportunities to print corrugated displays.

The industry's broadest selection of environmentally friendly corrugated packaging is offered by HP PageWide press portfolio. Its presses and true water-based inks cover a range of commercial and e-commerce applications, from large electronics supplies to the most delicate food and beverage, pharma and cosmetics products, toys, etc., and comply with regulatory requirements to meet the most stringent industry health and safety regulations. They provide recyclable and biodegradable corrugated goods, making them perfect for producing high-quality graphics packaging and displays with uncompromising color quality and consistency.

Canon is continually surprised by the innovative applications that its customers develop.

Arizona printers work primarily in large-format print-for-pay settings, producing POP such as rigid signs, backlit graphics, banners, posters, window graphics, decals, ADA signage, fine-art reproductions, and object decoration, but they also work in manufacturing settings with decorative glass and wood panels, tiles, membrane switch overlays, gauges, etc.

Digital corrugated printing's future prospects:

The corrugated market is anticipated to reach $270 billion by 2025, according to Pira. In the next five years, there will be hundreds of units installed worldwide for all types of digital printing, and HP intends to hold a dominating position. Although analogue presses can currently handle very long runs of 1-2 color jobs more effectively, we anticipate that digital will gain importance over time. This market has enormous potential, and HP is eager to continue to lead innovation in the sector.

As smaller businesses look to new technologies to develop and construct their products, along with the rising popularity of home delivery and takeout food during the pandemic, short-term demand is anticipated to rise.

With regard to the quickening switch from analogue to digital printing, EFI is a market leader in a number of commercial and industrial printing segments, including packaging & corrugated, display graphics, textile, and building materials/decor.

Even while the digital corrugated market has grown significantly in recent years, its life cycle is still very, very young. Only a small portion of the total corrugated printing that is done is digital printing. The use of digital for corrugated will increase as more new and next-generation digital print technologies are released each year. Corrugated digital solutions are INX's only focus, and we are enthusiastic about what the future holds.

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