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Updated: Mar 14, 2023


Table of content:

1. Introduction:

Are physical books still in demand? You’d better believe it!Print books just won't go away, much like the monster in a horror film.

The most common reading format for both adults and children are still traditional print, according to a study on book consumption and book formats done by the Pew Research Center. Printing Services in Berhampur

According to survey;

  • 72% of adults in the United States read a book in some format over the last year

  • 65% of respondents claimed they read a book in the last 12 months

  • 37% of Americans claim they only read print books

  • 28% say they read both print books and e-books

  • 7% say they only read e-books

From the above report its is cleared that most of the people love to read paper book.

But why? What is the reason behind it that in this digital era where everything gets digitized and e book also available which has so many benefit to all then why people choose book instead of it?

Let’s find the appropriate reason that how books impact people.

2. Why paper books are better than e-book?

1. Gravitas:

The book's physical weight gives it a sense of solemnity. Reading a book feels like something to take more seriously, appreciate more, and cherish higher than reading an e-book because you are dealing with a genuine item and not simply digital wind.

2. Patience:

With skimming, scrolling, and linking, e-books are built for speed. The wider pages, lack of linkages, and concentrated single lines of thought in physical books, however, are intended for sluggish processing. Instead of frantic hurry, the result is slowness and patience.

3. Decoration:

Books aren't simply for reading; they can also be used as wall art and nightstand decor (and stairs, and floors, and counters, and rafters, and chimneys, etc.). Books provide intelligence to a space even when used as décor, unless they are part of the Twilight series.

4. Multiple books:

Physical books give you the opportunity to have five different books open at once if you are deep into a research project. However, your phone or e-reader do not. If all of your e-books are on various websites, you can have separate "tabs" for each one on a tablet or computer screen. But the more tabs you have open, the slower and more likely your computer will be to crash. Physical books don't have hard drives, so you can "tab" (i.e., dog-ear the corner) them in as many places as you like without worrying about them crashing.

5. Deep reading:

Books' suitability for in-depth reading is perhaps their most obvious single advantage. Deep reading simply doesn't work with social media, e-books, or most other forms of online content, as discussed in Nicholas Carr's 2011 best-seller The Shallows. Best Business Printing Services in Odisha eBooks make it difficult, if not impossible, for regular readers to engage in deep reading—that is, concentrated, higher critical analysis for extended periods of time. eBooks employ smaller pages, allow too many distractions, and diminish physical interaction.

6. Shame reading:

Even avid readers who have read for their entire lives occasionally fall behind and don't read the books they'd like to or should. A shelf full of books can be helpful in this topic of personal character. "Shame you from the shelves," physical books say. You are reminded of the promissory notes you scribbled to yourself when you remarked, "I really need to read that book someday," when you first saw them. In that case, someday will never arrive if today is not someday.

7. Side writing:

On the side of the book, you can write. However, it is impossible to write on the side of an e-book; the idea itself is absurd. eBooks don't even have "sides," though you can write on an E-Reader, which is a real item. Top Digital Printing Services in Odisha An e-book has no "side" on which to write anything about David Hasselhoff even if you wanted to because they are actually two dimensional and the pages don't occupy any space.

8. Memorization:

In relation to mental mapping, the fact that book texts are immobile enables your memory to easily recall lines, concepts, names, and dates by capitalizing on that object permanence. They can be found with certainty on a certain page. In the book, that spot won't alter. Best Printing Services in Odisha You are much better off with a book than an e-book when you want to thoroughly study a book and recall important ideas, phrases, and facts. searchable passages that don't flow naturally as a single text.

A print book is a joy to behold! The aroma of newly printed pages, the silky, smooth texture of paper under your fingertips, and the crinkle and crackle of a story moving forward. Reading on paper is a special experience. A real book engages the senses in a way that digital e-readers do not. It's tactile to read a book that has been printed. You can smell it, taste it, and remember it. This is one reason why readers prefer physical books over other formats. Printed books have a more profound emotional impact on readers.

Additionally, there are more innovative methods than ever before for printing and distributing books. There are now more specialized publications than ever, and self-publishing is very widespread.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with PrintCraft if you require assistance with designing or printing a book. We are happy to assist and have vast experience.

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