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Updated: Mar 14


Table of content:

1) Introduction

2) Augmented Reality

3) AR in the Print Industry

4) How Does it Work?

5) Brand that is currently utilizing augmented reality

1. Introduction:

The idea of fantasy becoming reality is something we have only ever seen in movies, but because to augmented reality, it is now a reality for us. Our lives now include augmented reality, and everything it has impacted has changed. Since the advent of AR, which we will examine in detail in this blog, there have been many industries revolutionized, with the print sector being Printing Services in Berhampur one of them.

2. Augmented Reality:

The physical world has been improved with augmented reality (AR). Top Digital Printing Services in Berhampur It is a technology that enables users to overlay digital objects including text, photos, movies, and music on top of actual surroundings. It gives the user the impression that the surrounding physical environment contains holographic content. Similar to VR (virtual reality), AR modifies a user's experience of reality by adding three-dimensional objects, audio, films, and images to their view of the real world.

As augmented reality (AR) developed over time, so did our lives because it now allows us to have an immersive experience without physically leaving our homes. Digital Printing Services in Berhampur The market estimate indicates that AR will undoubtedly reach $72.8 billion in 2024, so it is more accurate to say that AR is the future than that it will be predicted.

3. AR in the Print Industry:

Augmented reality has advanced significantly in the print industry since its launch there in 2016. A few examples of how augmented reality (AR) in print is redefining the user experience with printed products using mobile devices include Best Business Printing Services in Odisha print advertising, product packaging, exhibitions, product configuration, direct mail, product catalogues, large format prints, menus, business cards, and magazines.

4. How Does it Work?

A consumer can access an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience of the printed product by scanning a specially generated QR code or by touching on the NFC tag on printed collateral using a smartphone. The AR magic happens when the viewer views your print through the camera. Best Business Printing Services in Berhampur When AR pulls a product directly out of a print to life, the user has a realistic experience.

5. Brand that is currently utilizing augmented reality

Here are some examples of brands that are already utilizing augmented reality to boost their brand recognition and further engage their target markets.

1. IKEA:

When purchasing furniture, customers frequently consider how a nightstand or sofa will look in their home after seeing it in the showroom. Best Printing Services in Odisha IKEA, a low-cost furniture company, introduced an augmented reality software to enable online shoppers see how products may look in their homes to address this issue for customers. Customers of IKEA can now more easily transition from examining products to making purchases in just a few simple steps thanks to this use of augmented reality.

2. BIC Kids:

Since generations have been bringing products like crayons, pens, and colouring books to the general market, the BIC Kids line has long been synonymous with creativity and pleasure. And what they've done with AR is given kids the opportunity to take their paper-based artwork and drawings and expand on it using their DrawyBook AR software. Best Print shop in Berhampur The AR tablet software allows kids to view their drawings and add more colours, shapes, and customizations to make their designs come to life. The BIC DrawyBook is a fantastic illustration of how businesses can use augmented reality to develop even more entertaining and engaging experiences for a younger audience.

3. New York Times:

Viewers of the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea may get even closer to some of the top athletes representing the United States of America because to the New York Times' creative usage of augmented reality (AR). You can watch sports like figure skating and ice hockey using the NYT's augmented reality app for newer tablets and iPhones. For instance, while viewers are watching the sport live, a famous figure skater can suddenly appear on the screen to demonstrate specific skating moves. Best Printing Services in Berhampur The NYT AR app demonstrates how the technology could revolutionise the media industry and brands associated with sports.

4. Cadbury:

In order to bring the holiday season to life with its Advent Heroes event this past Christmas, Cadbury used augmented reality. Customers received specialised Holiday Heroes calendars from Cadbury that were meant to be used with an AR software made in collaboration with Blippar. The app allowed users to view a specific date on their calendar each day, and in exchange they received engaging augmented reality (AR) experiences including selfies with holiday-themed chocolates, candies, and other Cadbury-related goods. Each and every day of the Advent calendar was made more interesting by this, and an accompanying #cadvent Instagram campaign helped the Cadbury brand get more social media followers.

5. MTV:

Late last year, MTV released an AR app that spectators could utilise while watching from home during their EMA music awards presentation in London. For instance, during some performances, viewers may place themselves over musicians or watch particular MTV graphics and animations that were relevant to the act. MTV was able to better adapt its brand to the "Snapchat Generation" part of their audience by enhancing the experience with AR-enabled 3D rendered things.

When it comes to 3D printing, many businesses are now utilising its advantages to attract customers' attention and maintain their engagement as much as possible because the competition is growing every day. With AR, the possibilities are unlimited. The future of AR is still uncertain, but one thing is certain: it will be more exciting than it is now. AR is already in print.

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