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Updated: Mar 14


Go clean and make the world green! As consumers and employees grow more environmentally conscious, sustainability is becoming a more relevant topic in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. In 2015, member states of the United Nations adopted “The 2030 Agenda” for Sustainable Development, which includes 17 sustainable development objectives that are an urgent call to action for all countries working together in a global partnership. PrintCraft is working to advance this goal by educating people about printer sustainability and using eco-friendly printing technologies.

Eco-friendly Printing Technology:

Printing technologies that are more environmentally friendly are becoming more popular. Innovators strive to enhance or develop faster and more efficient printing technologies that use less energy, resources, and waste. Humble printing machines have evolved into complex, internet-enabled technologies that, when utilised as part of a managed printing solution, may boost workplace efficiency at the lowest possible cost to both the wallet and the environment.

Here are a few easy techniques to get into the practice of printing in a more eco-friendly manner.

Choosing right paper:

Choose right papers that are chlorine-free and contain pre-consumer recycled content, as well as those that are sustainably derived from sustainable tree plantations and well-managed forests. Depending on the chemicals and waste required in the recycling process to bleach printed material into clean white sheets, papers made using post-consumer recycled fibres may or may not be the most environmentally responsible alternative.

Choosing eco-friendly ink:

Eco-inks are a non-polluting alternative to eco-friendly printing. In the preparation of these inks, organic substances such as soy or vegetable are used. Soy-based ink, in example, is a terrific option that replicates the properties of petroleum-based inks while avoiding the harmful environmental impacts. Some believe that it generates more colourful and brighter colours than other inks.

Choosing proper size:

Many documents can be shrunken down little, and it may appear to be a minor solution to reduce paper waste. However, the divergence widens because we all know that a single drop can form an entire ocean. This consideration begins at the project's design phase. If you're going to print an eco-ad, make sure it's not bigger than it has to be.

Choosing energy efficient appliances:

The important aspect of eco-friendly printing is powering and installing the equipment and facilities. Using the most energy-efficient tools and appliances available, from printing presses to office refrigerators, helps to make printing more environmentally friendly. Heating and cooling systems should be well-maintained and modernised. Of course, cutting-edge printing machines that use less energy are essential.

Regulate with pull printing:

Introduce effective print management methods to control office printing practices. Pull printing allowed by additional security software on more powerful multi-function printers can save paper waste by releasing work only after authentication. Authentication can be done in a variety of methods, such as using personal identifying numbers (PIN). Pull printing keeps the office ecologically sustainable and guarantees that confidential documents do not come out in the wrong hands by accident. Smart printers can also assist you in archiving digitised plans, copying plans for tender submission, and disseminating plans to various stakeholders. All of this will make the move from print to digital and back easier and less wasteful.

It is more crucial than ever to go green. The more quickly we can reduce our carbon footprint, the faster the world will heal. While making the change to more environmentally friendly business operations takes time, eco-friendly printing is a great place to start. Printer sustainability may seem like a small step but can make a big difference when you consider the entire supply chain.

PrintCraft in Berhampur is one of the best printing house who have evolved by adapting successful sustainable printing practices for a more eco-sustainable world.

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